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Reboot You Bootcamp 2017

Reboot You Bootcamp 2017

When: January 23, 2017, 6:00 am
Venue: Pacific Fitness
Address: Lot 7 Denarau Industrial, Narewa Rd Nadi , Fiji (map)
Organizer: Pacific Fitness (Facebook)

A 4 week bootcamp held at Pacific Fitness Fiji Denarau focussing on Muscle Toning, Weight Loss and Increased Fitness.

Your Package Includes:
Workout singlet, shaker & food diary
3x week sessions over 4 weeks
Small groups for individualised attention
Guaranteed Results, with fitness testing to guage progress
Motivating sessions
Individual Nutrition Feedback to keep your accountable and motivated to eat towards a healthier way of life!

Your instructors will be Sherilyn Walsh, Lauren Heppell (Loz) and Blair Robertson - all internationally qualified trainers.

Workouts split into Huff & Puff, HITT, and Feel the Burn so you get all your energy systems involved!

Starts Monday 23 January 2017
FJ$250 per person
Open to members & non members
Register by Friday 20 January 2017
Limited space available!

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